It is a very safe process in which the system works under low vacuum pressure. Because of this, there is no danger of syngas leakage as the gasifier reactor vessel is not under positive pressure. The standard fixedbed charcoal gasifier principle is well proven (invented around WWII due to fuel oil crises). The process is a thermo-chemical process in which the biomass or waste is heated in an oxygen deficient atmosphere at high temperatures (1000°C+). The reduction of oxygen limit emissions and the use of new gas cleaning technology ensures that the gas produced is suitable to be efficiently burnt in engines with a very favorable emissions profile.


The gasifier combined heat and power generation system has the smallest footprint of any current plant. All buildings required are low level (12 meters). Only a standard gas engine exhaust system is required, as the syngas produced is used in an internal combustion gas engine or turbines. Typical plant area for 2MMe + 2MWe complete gasification system can fit in a building of 12m(H) by 20m(W) by 48m(L).

The feed is biomass or waste that has already been used and is currently being disposed of in landfill. Only 5% of the power (parasitic load) produced is required to produce the syngas. By diverting waste from landfill, the major problems of finding landfill sites, possible watercourse pollution and gas emissions are eliminated.

How many power generation systems have the ability to obtain a charge from their own fuel supply? Once the initial ignition has taken place the system runs from its own fuel source. The system runs on 5% of the power produced. Biomass and waste gasification plants typical pay back is between 3 to 5 years depending on the feedstock and various other local conditions.

Vast amounts of RDF and other suitable biomass are disposed of everyday. Studies show that there is sufficient biomass waste available to satisfy the world’s total electrical requirement. Recent EU studies conclude that biomass is the only long term solution to sustainable and renewable mass power production after nuclear power.