Gasification Consultancy Limited (GCL) is a UK-based company which has its own 'Biomass and Waste Gasification Technology' patent. Using this patented technology, it carries out projects that set a precedent in the field of waste disposal and the production of energy from waste on a global scale.


GCL has applied its technology to several projects in different countries to date. The company has continuing discussions with project developers and investors about implementing its technology in projects in the UK, South Korea, Turkey, Qatar, Norway, and Thailand.



GCL stands out in the biomass and waste technologies sector with the following expertise;

  • Biomass waste gasification process information
  • Practical experience of designing and installing biomass waste gasification plants
  • Gasification plant patents
  • High Voltage Plasma Gas Cleaning System
  • Consultancy, design, commissioning, operation and licensing services to Biomass and Waste Gasification, Combined Heat and Power Plants in the international waste-to-energy market.


GCL technology is the cleanest, and the most flexible and reliable way of utilising waste. It can convert low-value residuals into high-value commodities, such as chemicals and fertilizers, substitute natural gas, transportation fuels, electric power, steam, and hydrogen.

  • GCL provides the least-cost alternative for capturing CO2 when generating power.
  • GCL offers the opportunity to use readily available, renewable, domestic resources. Local material can replace costly, imported oil and natural gas.
  • GCL provides increased domestic investment and jobs in industries that have been in decline because of high energy costs.
  • GCL offers a new path to energy development and consumption consistent with robust environmental stewardship.